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We've all been there. You see a nicely packaged product online or at the store, take it home, and then come to find out the only thing good about the product is the packaging. Want not, waste not? Well, not so fast! With most people, it's usually want lots, waste lots. Products just slowly sinking into the back of the cupboard over time. Season after season, it dissapears further and further into the farthest depths of the shelf, only to be lost to time. Until, that frightful day when you run out of shelf space! Then in a panic you hurry to make some space to fit your new want. Which item will you throw away? As you start looking through the shelf, you come to a relaization that almost evey item in your cupboard has either expired, or been used only once. A quick math tells you that you've wasted hundred of dollars on that one shelf alone.

This experience is the origin of Relevant Shopping. A site dedicated to giving great deals, but more importantly, free samples. Try it before you buy it! That's our motto! Manufacturers want you to try their product for free, and are willing to bet that once you try it, you'll come back to Relevant Shopping and re-order their full size products. Its a win-win-win for everyone involved. And if the product comes in multiple varieties, then using our "Build Your Own Combo" feature allows them to mix and match multiple varieties. This is great for those that would rather have six varieties in one order, as opposed to purchasing six of one variety. With multiple brands selling similar items, we even let you mix and match from different brands.


Helping Small Businesses Grow

Although 99.7 % of businesses in america are small, it's the remining 0.3% that dominate the business landscape. What if there was a new way to help level the playing field? What if a small mom and pop business located in the middle of nowhere, with a great product and great people, could sell their products to the mass without spending millions or even thousands in marketing expenses?

We've created a simple mechanism to get your product sampled and exposed with minimum risk to the customer, the brand, as well as Relevant. A whole new way to buy!